MakeHuman adding IKs to the rig (and weight painting one of the assets)

Hi, I got the low poly version of the character from makehuman and used the rig that looked like it would fit the most to export into unity’s animating system (mecanim). There is one problem though, the rig doesn’t have inverse kinematics ready so I can’t animate it properly, and also, I made a backpack for the character but I can’t get the weight paint right on him, when he bends, the strap goes inside the body, is anyone willing to set the IKs on my rig and also weight paint the backpack properly? If you can’t do both, one of these would be good enough already.Thanks in advance.PS: Since blenderartists’ uploader was bugging out, I’ll upload it into dropbox instead and leave the link here.

Looks good, thanks for sharing :wink:

but… but… but… I wasn’t expecting it to get insta stolen.