Makehuman animation only animates 1 side

Hello I am very new to blender and I am trying to animate my MakeHuman model into a simple walk cycle.
The problem is only one side of the model will remember transform changes after inserting the keyframe.

I am not sure if I have explained this properly so I will break it down.

  1. frame 1 insert keyframe LocRotScale
  2. goto frame 24, move left leg forward and right leg backward
  3. mouse over tranform press “I” over location, rotation, scale
  4. goto frame 48, then right leg resets.

so only the transform changes are set for the left side.

I am sure this is a simple error, but I cannot find anything on how to get around this.

Any help is greatly appreciated as I am getting very frustrated as I am on day 3 with this problem.:confused:

post your blend file

Here it is, thanks for your time

When you insert a keyframe, it inserts location, rotation and scale for the selected bones. I suspect that the bones were not selected when you made the keyframe. Open a FDope Sheet (the Animation layout has one, or just add one), the bones that are posed with each keyframe will be marked with a small diamond in the graph portion of the dope sheet. rigging in blender

the character’s right leg is not moving because you forgot to keyframe it. it has only an “END” eyframe which puts it in a backward position.
put a start position keyframe anywhere and youll see it moving

i just tried it. did this work for you?

OK yeah I works if I reset the position and then add the key frame, but why doesnt it insert the keyframe for that leg when I press A the select all or Box select? how can I make sure that all the bones are selected?

selecting all and adding keyframe, works.
i have downloaded your blnd file again. what you say that didnt work for you, worked for me.

in the timeline i went to frame number 1. adjusted leg right, and adjusted leg left. i pressed then ‘A’ to deselect. then ‘A’ again to select all. then i pressed ‘I’ shortcut for eyframing, then locrot.
the resault was both legs moved when played the animation.
how come it didnt work for you?

i suggest erasing the already made keyframes (or add a new action) and then follow the steps i have just presented. then specify where exactly is the problem.

to me select all + keyframe works in your blend file

Nope, its not working selecting all using A twice is not selecting the other leg. I really dont understand. I also noticed that Alt I is’nt working and will not delete the selected keyframe so I have uninstalled blender and downloaded again and re-installed and Alt I still does’nt work, and still the same problem. Is there a setting I am missing?

check your inbox snailbaitmate

snail, you may be having trouble with where your mouse pointer is located when you do A to select or deselect, likewise Alt+I to delete keyframes. Your mouse pointer must be hovering in the edit window you want to affect: to select all the bones, your 3D Viewport must be ‘active’ or A won’t do anything (well, it might do something, but not what you are expecting, and not to those bones…) and the location of the mouse pointer tells Blender which edit window is active.

Thanks Orinoco, im not sure what I was doing wrong. CHRONOMASTER has helped me step by step, so now I know a way that definitely works. I think that maybe you are right I may have been hovering the wrong window :confused:
Thanks for all the help especially CHRONOMASTER!

Peace. Love. Harmony Fools.

you welcome!
maybe soon you could help me too :slight_smile: