Makehuman Blender Import, Beard Problem?

imported my character with mhx2, in blender when i use face shape and open mouth beard not moving (in makehuman expressions its working) also mustache eyebrows not working too, How can i fix this ?

If you try to control shapekey from a slider in a mesh property, you will only change it for active mesh.

As you can see beard is another object, another mesh. So, you have to modify value for slider of this object, too.

If the rig is well done, shapekeys of each mesh should be driven by a bone.
Animating that bone should modify shapekeys of all meshes, at once.
You active object, should be an armature, not a mesh.

Can i merge (or joint or stich) the beard with face ? if can do it there is no need for beard rigging by the way and i think its not needed ?

I did not use makehuman since a while.

But in theory, you have imported a rig that is supposed to work.
You should not have to do any rigging work.
There should be a bone available with a name corresponding to expression.

In theory, if all shapekeys and vertex groups have same or proper name on both meshes ; joining them should not be problematic.
But if it is not the case, you could end-up with an undesired result.
Moving a bone could move a part that is not related to it.

Materials indices could also be messed-up.
But that part should not be too complicated to solve.