MakeHuman Contest?

After reading the forum rules in the Conest forum, I figured this would be the best place to go…

I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a MakeHuman specific contest.

MakeHuman has a lot of capabilities, but at the moment if you want to create a scene with MakeHuman you will end up doing a lot of things on your own - hair, clothes, etc. I think MakeHuman specific contests might help with this.

I would hope that people who create stuff for the contest would put their meshes/textures/whatever online for downloads so others could use them as well. However, I realize that not everybody feels that way. I also think that if people don’t want to put their meshes online, by at least participating in a MakeHuman contest, it would show what MakeHuman is capable of, and what different people can do with MakeHuman/Blender.

I think having MakeHuman specific contests would create more interest, however, there also has to be enough interest in the contests to make them worth doing in the first place. So, would anyone be interested in participating in a MakeHuman specific contest???

If there is enough interest, I guess the first thing to do would be to come up with some rules and a topic.

I thought there was a make human project out there somewhere that is downloadable and contributable to…?