Makehuman help.

I download this program called makehuman. thinking it was a script. nevertheless, its an awesome program. anyways. does anyone know how i might export the models into blender. any help would be awesome

there is an export as .obj option once you have done that there is an import in blender as .obj. easy.

i know that. but the problem is when i export it. its not in the folder it tells me it exported it to. and aslo. it wont let me save or load either, i cant find any of the models i save, or export. is there a way i can change the destination of the export?

the program works fine. press save object button, name your model, press enter, then your object will be saved to
C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\makehuman\myobjs
then import the .obj file into Blender. Press esc to exit the save dialogs.
Also you could try the original script
Make Human 180b

Well, a silly error on my part. i forgot to name the file before i tried to export it. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for your time and help

Actually its not a silly error. This is just on of those tiny things the author forgot to mention int he quickref. I had the same problem when I started using it. I knew I saved the files and I knew I named them and put them in a directory but they never showed up. I had to seach thru the C:\Makehuman\ Directory until I finally found them. Then copied them to where I wanted.