Makehuman install under linux or as plugin?

Any ideas how to get makehuman running on my ubuntu compu?

I browsed through their site

…but didnt find suitable version (.deb or .rpm). The models look kinda nice, Wow the tits on that front page photo HahahA!! :stuck_out_tongue: :o

Just download the source code, unpack it, the run the configure script:


when done:



make install

eww compiling uuh scarey gah nerrrdy! :o

Lol will try that later, many thanks for simple instructions!

If you want to be able to easily remove it you can make a .deb file using checkinstall.

Instead of the make install command you can do…
sudo aptitude install checkinstall
sudo checkinstall
…you will then be asked to enter a summery, name, licence, ect so it can generate a nice deb package for ya. :wink:

there is an easyer way, but it runs kind of choppy…
try the wine project :

I have my Make human, and texturemake, and a few other windows apps running under linux 8)

BE SURE TO READ the part about importing DLL’s to make things work… in about 10 minuets you can be running windows progies :slight_smile:

I never knew we could just compile make human, thank you N30N :slight_smile:
I am going to try compileing now

I log into BlenderArtists and click on “New Posts”… all the posts start listing and I jump to the bottom and start scrolling up (don’t know why).

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“There is your answer!” I thought to myself. :wink:


Last time I checked on the site there was no source for 0.9, meaning you have to get it from CVS. There are cvs instrcutions embedded in the site somewhere, or maybe the sourceforge pages, but I can’t find them right now.

What the CVS instructions don’t tell you
You need to checkout 3 modules, animorph mhgui and makehuman.*

They have to be built and installed in the right order, listed above.**

If you install them to /usr/local/ you may need to update PKG_CONFIG_DIR (I think that’s the right name) to include the folder the make install script tells you it has installed the pkg-config files for said package, for the next package to compile.***

Before you start with the makehuman module itself, search the source tree for some zip files (containing the icon images) and unzip **** them before you run make install, or it will fail (or just have no icons when you try to use it)

The order of commands for each of the modules is

./bootstrap (I assume the equivalent of
make install

ALSO you must use freeglut and not plain old glut.(I fu**ed with the config files and the use of freeglut is more or less hardcoded into the headers for the src I had, but may have changed since then {0.9 release day})

*The 3 CVS modules may be available as one module but my cvs browser was uninstalled when I switched to SVN some months ago
**Unless you want to start adding your own includes to CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS
***This is easier if you compile each module in a separate shell instance.
****To the dir the .zip is in.

I do find it kinda ironic that the MH devs are violating their own GPL license by not supplying source packages for the binaries they have for download, and no cvs doesn’t count 'cos the point of cvs is that it’s not a static snapshot.


I find it quite lame that they cannot have a linux binary, if it is possible to compile it :frowning:
perhaps the linux version is buggy, like when I run windows version under wine :confused:

well thanks Craven,
I will open up synaptic and chase down all the dependancys after lunch.
the instructions you ave are nice and simple for me, thanks man :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help 8)