makehuman normal bake

Hey guys. I’ve exported a mhx file from makehuman. I’ve a low poly and hig poly mesh now in blender. I want to bake the high poly normals onto the lowpoly mesh. i’m ticking all the boxes etc but having no joy baking out a normal map. Has any tried to do this before and had problems?

Please supply .blend file

Not letting me upload it for some reason! will keep trying


This should do the trick Richard

Here is it:

What I did:

  • Select the low poly, go into Edit Mode.
  • Select all verticies, assign UV Map to texture (by going into UV/Image Editor, and selecting an image to show)
  • Go back in Object Mode, select the high poly mesh then the low poly mesh and be sure to check “Selected to Active” in the Bake properties.
  • Bake the normals
  • Apply the baked texture into the textures panel as a normal map texture (be sure to check Normal Map in the Image Sampling, and to change the influence)

Solarliner…I’ll give that a go. I can see the nprmal map was made but its not in the file so I’ll try myself and see what happens. Can you shpoot off a render of the low poly mesh with the normal map attached?

actually you grand… is there any way to clean this up?

Well the low res was pretty … low res, too much for being correctly baked. The low res poly needs to be a little bit higher poly and you’ll be fine.

Ah i gets ya :wink: