Makehuman poly

how do i make a model from makehuman to become a low poly?? i try poly reducer but it looks so ugly!!! can someone teach me how to make it a low poly using poly reducer? it must look good!

Usually you just use the model as a model, to make the low polly over if you want it low polly.

After you used the reducer did you use smooth to smooth it out?

can you give me another tips?

how about, Retopo?

my version has an option to use low poly mesh instead… it’s on the left under the picture

what is a retopo?

what is your version?
low poly’s aren’t supposedly to be ready in make human for 2 more releases. (from the mh forums)

Just model over it, it should only take an hour or so if you know what you are doing.

With retopo you can create faces on top of an existing model. Like drawing on a ball or a on suzanne.

Each added vertex will be on the surface of the base object. When you hide or remove the base object the “redesign” will remain. It is like redrawing a comic on transparent paper while you can see the original as background [I do not know how you call this in english]. With retopo it is in 3D.

I tried it a little bit and I think this can be a great tool to transform high poly meshes into low poly meshes. At least this would be easier then freehand modelling.

just use the decimate modifier! set it to about .500, hit apply, then smooth the model! it works great for me!