Hey there!

I’m not even sure if it’s the right forum or category but meh. Couldn’t find a better place.
Anyways. I’m new here and I can’t even get started with Blender.
How in the world am i gonna get that makehuman category there if i wanna make a human? Am i supposed to get some kind of file for that? From where?
Yes my english sucks and yes i’m a noob.

Have a nice day and thank you if you’re answering to my stupid questions. :slight_smile:

I’m confused to what the problem is, to install MakeHuman? Running Blender with it?

You might want to check the forum for that software:

While you’re new to Blender, you’ll need to learn how to navigate Blender and make use of its features:

I’d recommend CGCookie for their more pragmatic approach along with their basic navigation being complete free (, but I expect people being too cheap to bother. But you gotta start somewhere and stressing yourself to know NOW isn’t going to help - one step at a time.

makehuman has no relation to blender. you need to figure out how to export it properly. thats not a real easy thing. best to ask those questions on the makehuman forum.