Makeing low poly glass bottle object.

Hello people, This is my very first post so I hope that Im not duplicating a question that was allready answerd before. I’m trying to construct a lowpoly nuka cola bottle from the fallout series. I have a bottle shape allready modeled and seamed and ready for Uvmap but I had the idea of putting an identicle bottle shape inside the main shape. I just wanted to be able to paint the outter model so that it was faint enough that I could see the 2nd bottle inside. I cant seem to make it transperent enough help! Im currently useing version 249.2

in materials, click on ‘ztransp’ and turn the alpha slider all the way down.

Thank you for your help. I do have an additional question based on my current results.

The 2 bottles I make seem to share the same system adjustments. For instance If I adjust the ztransp on the outer bottle, it will apply for the inner bottle as well even if it is on a seperate layer. How can I make different lighting/material adjustments for seperate objects?

I want the inner bottle to really show the green UVmap I painted. Any suggestions?

if the both bottles are really seperate objects
then you use the same material for both objects.
The little counter at the side of the material should show this (its 2 ?)
To make this material a singel-one-used only for the selected object
you have to click on this counter and the material will be duplicated
and get a new name (normaly a counter like .001/2… will be added)
Now you can make changes to this material without changing
the settings of the old material (different name without this .00x thing).
Another way would be to add a new material to the object - the bonus
of duplicating the original one (with the .001/2 at the new created name)
is, it is the same setting and you can modify it without doing all the same
changes you did for the first material-setting.

If the bottles are part of the same mesh, then you have to use differnt vertex-groups and to setup different material for those groups.

Modron and test-dr You have been a huge help to a new user like myself. Thank you guys I keep learning new commands everyday but sometimes its hard to put into words what Id like to replicate.

Would any of you possibly know how to produce a radiating glow from under a uvmap?

for the glow, maybe check this tutorial out? you might still get some idea from it if it’s still not exactly what you need.
Video tutorial on Glow and Fall-off effect in blender 2.47

don’t know but his looks more like a hard reflection then a glow

glow usually is more like a halo or glow node effects!
so looks also under reflec map may be

or you could add another object in middle of bottle and give it some halo effect!

happy 2.5

here is one in 2.5 with IL
what do you think !
i did not use any transluent mat here just pure transp raytrace

but also for translucscent material
see this thread

happy 2.5