Makeing water and moveing dirt.

I know this has been asked trillions of times,how do i make water accurately?

The second question i bet is slightly more rare. what do you do to make dirt particles, like if i want to make a scene that something is rising from underground, what do i do?

Two different subjects so you could have started two separate threads.
But even better than that would be:

1)water You could google “blender water tutorial”. Off the top of my head I can think of three ways to do it, and there’s probably a lot more but it really depends of what you need it for. Is it the sea? a river? a glass full? a droplet? For all of them there will be tutorials.

2)dirt Personally I would setup a particle emitter to emit instances of models from a group. It might not be all in one tutorial, but by reading a few you should be able to learn the effect you’re after. Google “blender particle tutorial”, again, there’s plenty to read there.

And maybe next time you have a question you could try searching around the web for the answer before posting here. It might save you (and me) some time :wink: