makeScreenshot in .exe file

Hi I want to know if the makeScreenshot script works in a executable file. I tryed to run, but it did not make any screen shot, just when I run it with blender. is that right?


hrm, that is interesting

even dynamic runtimes do not seem to

(or at least a place where I can find it, or print any error stuff (with -c))

my script specified an absolute path btw

Did you make sure the path already exists? makeScreenshot() will not create any new folders, so if the directory doesn’t exist the screenshot won’t be saved.

directory = “/home/knoppix/programas/blender/arma/”
filename = “tela%04d.tga” % owner.frame
if tela.isPositive():
Rasterizer.makeScreenshot(directory + filename)
owner.frame += 1

I’m using this code under linux.


my code was a lot more simple, but as I said, it doesn’t work

import Rasterizer
Rasterizer.makeScreenshot("C:\	emp\\screen.tga")

Are there any solutions to this matter?

hhmm this is very interesting.

hmm, i think mehbe the makeScreenshot() command Uses the Blender module, and the Blender module is disabled in .exe`s right?

I cant see anny other reasons.(i think it uses the blender module, just “thinking”)

Yes u are right, the solucion is to call an external program that will take the screenshoot.

yea just as i suspected ok maby not lol.

NorJ’s right the makeScreenshot() command uses the Blender module whuch is disabled in exe’s. Saluk worte about an external program that could be used to make a screenshot - I know coz I asked this question a while back. It’s here in this forum somewhere.