Making a 3D map

So I’m reasonably new to Blender, and having trouble with a specific thing I’m trying to do.

I have an image of a flat map (as in a map of Europe) which I want to UV map to an appropriately shaped model. Easy enough, I can do that.

The problem is that I require different regions of the map to be separate objects, so that I can select and modify them individually within my game.

Now I run into two problems.
Firstly, if I apply the texture to one big rectangle and then try and divide it into sections, the image gets distorted as I drag the points around. Secondly, even if I do overcome that, once I split sections into different objects, the UV mapping does not get applied to the new object.

Is there a way to overcome these problems, or a different approach that you would take?


seperated Europe!

i saw something like that 2 years ago!
try to search the blendernation site !

did you model whoe continent as one mesh or as joined pieces ?

seems that the old sites dont’ exist anymore!

something like that

happy bl

like this may be

Thanks for your reply. Yeah that’s exactly the kind of thing I’m trying to do.

Do you think it’s wiser to do it as one big model and then split it, or to do them individually?

The main problem I have is that I want to make the model to match the texture, but if I UV map the texture onto a blank rectangle and then start adjusting it to match the lines of the image, the image just moves too and gets squashed. Is there a way to avoid that?

make one object with seperate meshes
then UV unwrap the whole thing

and after if you need you can seperate the parts and UV will stay where it is on each small part !

hope it helps

happy bl