Making a 3d stencil for an object

Help. I am racking my brain through tutorials that aren’t helping me. I have a scan I made with matter and form. I am trying to use blender to make a 3d stencil to go over a fishing lure for painting. Can anyone help me? The tutorial I found only works for things you start in blender.

I cannot get the mesh to change from tri to quads so I can export it to fission 360. Please and thank you.

Can you post the blender and scan files?

I have used the tris to quads conversion in Blender, and have found InstantMeshes (free) to give better results that work in Fusion360. I assume you want a T-Splines nurbs conversion. However, the poly count must be low to generate a nurbs object.

Thank you for replying. I cannot get the scanned obj or stl files to upload, I get a message stating the file is invalid. I also tried to save it as a blender file and it doesn’t load. I downloaded and starting using the automesh. Then transferred to fusion. One said that there were too many tris and polys. I tried to max out the squares but fusion didn’t like it and the file never loaded.

I think maybe that there is an issue with the original scan where the object is not smooth. There are the pics from instant mesh and you can see that the mesh isn’t consistent. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.