Making a a flat model round

Hey every one I am modeling a Squirrel and my tail got wary bride and flat.
Now I wounder if there is a add-on or modifier to make it round.
Thanks in advance
Off topic:How long would it take you to make a base mesh for a human?I am asking because I think I may have found a great way to make base meshes with blender:D

To make a rounder model, you can use a subdivision surface modifier on it.
Example if you don’t know how :

a base shape :

Add a Subdivision Surface ( called Subsurf too) modifier

And result in Object Mode :

Increase the View value in the modifier settings to get more roundness (but it will increase its face count too) in the model
Once you’re certain to be finished, apply the modifier

Or here is how I do it. Go to user preferences>add on and enable Mesh: Loop Tools. Now in your tool panel off to your left there will be new loop tools to use in edit mode. Simple select an edge loop of the tail and hit Loop Tools> Circle while in edit mode. And there you go. :slight_smile:

Hey Thanks a lot to you both:)
@Robsoie:Yes what you sad would work if the tail would be a model for it self but unfortunately there also is the rest of the Squirrel on the tail;)
@redcap:That works great:)

The proportional editing function or a lattice modifier would be the way I would do it.