Making a bone move when mesh is deformed

Hey guys!

Im a Freshman to Blender and this community, but i really need some help in my project:

i want to make a bacteria which at the moment just looks like this:

i want to use it in a game, and i want to use the bones to deform the mesh at runtime (for a character creator)

the deform isnt perfect but its just a personal project so i dont really care.

now i want to add some bones into the mesh aroung the middle and near the bones on the edge, to later use them as socket to put some things on em (like cell parts, moving tentacles etc.)

but these bones need to move with the mesh, which means if i deform the platform in the middle, i want the bones to travel along.
I cant find a way to do this, and i gues i dont know how to ask google about it because apperantly nobody else wants to do this, and i cant believe im the only one.

Do you have any idea?
Thanks for any help and your time :smiley:

You parent those bones to the bone that deforms the platform.