Making a bone stationary?

I am relatively new to rigging, but I pretty much know how everything works.

I have a chain of three bones, all linked to Vertex Groups. One is a shoulder, the next is the majority of the arm, and the last one is the hand. I want to make it so that the shoulder bone cannot rotate or move. I’m not too fluent with constraints so you need to explain it to me.


Humm? I never thought about it but seems I can’t. But if its extended in edit mode or parented to another bone it will only move from the parent bone if you move it ( it will follow it ) Im not so good at rigging but I see you got no other answer today.

If the problem is that it is mushing around when you use auto IK, you can adjust the chain length I believe. And if not, you could give it regular IK system and key the influence. Another possibility is to parent an empty to a bone further up the chain and give offending bone a copy loc constraint to the empty.

In the transform panel (n-key) lock all the rot & loc fields for the bone, but I don’t think this will work with auto-ik. If you are using auto-ik, it’s better to just use regular ik constraint and in the bones panel, there is a sub panel for inverse kinematics, under that panel you can lock rot for selected bone.


:slight_smile: Thanks so much revolt_randy your solution worked perfectly. And yes it does work with inverse kinematics.