making a circle in a box

how do i make a circle in this box? im trying to make a radio and im having trouble making a circle within the box to make a button … thankss

You could either move individual vertices around or you could make each button a seperate mesh or object. Good luck!

im sorry im not so good with this … can you help me out a bit more? i mean i tried that but do you think ill need more sub divides?

Haha, sure :wink: No need for more subdivisions, if you ever need more vertices to play with you can just add a loop cut (control+r). These were my 2 suggestions:

  1. With your mouse in the viewport, press control+tab. Here, select vertices. You can now select each vertex (point, 3D pixel), rather than each face. This way you can try to make a circular shape.

  2. Within edit mode press Space, then select Add > Mesh > Cylinder. And there you have a radio button! =)

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. =)

  1. Select the faces forming the rectangle inside which the circle will be (So in your image you should select 4 more faces to make a rectangle.
  2. Delete these faces and select the edges around the hole.
  3. Press ‘shift + s’ -> ‘cursor -> selection’
  4. press ‘e’ -> ‘only edges’ and scale down a bit
  5. Click the ‘To Sphere’ button in the ‘Mesh Tools’ panel (it should be at 100% by default, if it isn’t set it to 100)
  6. scale to the size you want.

thanks alot i got this far by your help … now im stuck again :frowning: i need to make another circle on top of that one and i dont see that many straight Rectangles to make another one… can you guys help me out? i got this far… atlest

If I were you I’d stick to seperate meshes to prevent that. :wink:

I think you have way too many loops in your model. I’d say you should use subsurf and go for something like this instead


omg!! howd you make it so simple! ill try that right now!! thanks

Morio has the right idea. Just posting so you can have the link to my tutorial - in sig. I cover this kind of modeling in it’s basics.