Making a glove

Here i am again i want this

to somthing like this


Can someone help me?


It looks like the shape comes from a 2d vector program like Inkscape. Of course there are 1000 ways to model such a hand. You can extrude youre shape remesh it and sculpt the rest. At first glance, this also seems logical, but actually it brings more difficulties than modeling in 3D. My advice box modeling + subdivision. After that I would remesh and finish in sculpt mode.

Ok I’ll try it.

Ok i get the blocks, i get also via add modifier the subdivisions but how do you split the fingers?

Sorry for the stupid questions

There are no stupid questions :-). You extrude each face individually (shortcut E) or via alt + E> Extrude individual faces a selection (more than one). So I would reduce the default cube in the z axis then split it into (Ctrl + R + middelmousewheel) into 3 parts and then select the front 3 faces and extrude via alt + E> extrude individual faces. In Object mode it looks no different but with the subdivision modifier you can see it. That would be the classic “Box Modeling”

I have now this

And now?

Left to right. Reduce the cube in the Z axis. Split with Loop Cut Tool. Select front faces. Extend with extrude individual (longpress extrude tool). Apply subdivision modifier (can also be used from the beginning).

Yes i got it now for the thumb. i supose extrude more and move in a corner to let him bow

Yes, and maybe it is easier to took one face at a time. In any case, you should remember the shortcut (E).

Hoi Mario I have now these
Do you know how i can straighter the fingers. in the same angle of the firts knob?

A classic approach in Blender is to enlarge a selection with Ctrl + + (numpad plus). In your case, select the tip of your finger and enlarge it to the desired amount Ctrl + + (numpad plus) and then rotate the selection ( R ). Before turning, you should switch to the top view (7 on numpad) (you than rotate around the global z axis). By the way 1 on numpad is front view and 3 side view.