making a island

ok so i am making a 1:1 island that is about 2500x2500bu and i am wondering how i go about textureing it and adding fine details to it with out killing my pc

It’s probably not advised to make a single landmass of that size. If you have a reasonable amount of polygons, it will all draw on screen at the same time, and will be too angular. If you add enough polygons to make look smooth, then it will probably be a bit hard on your graphics card (though Blender’s better at drawing a single high-poly object than a lot of low-poly ones).

You can try it, but I would recommend making landmass pieces that you work on. That would also make it easier to work on, since you’re working on it in chunks.

so you are saying that there is no way to make 1 island that big ?

how would i even try to texture it cos the size of the image i need for painting it is just too big for blender or my pc and if i have it cut up there will be seams everywhere ?

I’m not saying there’s no way to make one island that big, I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s a good idea. Thinking about it now, 2500x2500 is really very large. My original suggestion wouldn’t be very efficient, I think. What are you trying to do? Do you actually need such a large island?

well i want something that looks like a real island and not just some rock with water around it
i wanna see how realistic i can get it to look