Making a laser beam?

OK. I don’t know if this is the right place to put this but I was wondering how I would make a beam glow. I know I would need to use the node editor for this but when it comes to node I’m a complete noob. I need it to glow kinda like a Light saber. Thanks for your help in advance!

Is the source image video? Does the object you have appear bright already?

If you want to create a beam of short duration then you want to create an image with an alpha chanel so you can layer it over other footage. In the nodes tool you would apply a glow node to the beam asset then add that to the background with an alpha over node.

You’re in the right place. The glow is a post-processing trick.

The first thing to remember is that in general you don’t want your whole scene to glow so you must separate your beam object from the rest. You can play with layers and what-not but the easiest way is to use a material index. (Don’t forget to activate Material Index in the Layers tab of the Render panel.) Next, when you have your render layer, you take your beam, add some blur, some glare and your overlay it over the original render. Simple as that…

There are a lot of possible glows in Blender… Google it. In the meantime, something to study: laser beam.blend (140 KB)

Have fun! :smiley:

Thanks guys. I’m working on making a beam now.

I was just watching this video:

it’s certainly an overkill for a simple glow but it may be worth watching for it covers the topic in great depth