Making a mango material

Hi all, I’m making some game assets for my game in Unity 3D and needed some fruit models, So I made a few of em, and made myself a mango, I did a project from view unwrap and applied an image texture, the result was satisfactory the sides were perfect however I got a sort of stretched texture on the front and the back, something like this-

Marking seams has no point(I tried it though, it just opens up the mesh into what I can’t even imagine to texture, a flat mango)
I’ve tried scaling the texture and everything I could come up with…
Correct me if I’m wrong about the seams point
And yeah, my mesh topology is perfect, all quads and especially in the centre, I’m using a subdivision surface modifier though, could that be the problem?

Any and all help will be appreciated

Hi YaddyVirus,

there is a procedural Mango Material in this Blendermarket Product:



Whoo nice… Thanks gotta dive in it now