Making a mesh appear to "glow"

(timb0) #1

I want to make an abstract, sci-fi render with meshes that are semi-transparent and are glowing or apprear to be glowing. How can I do this? Thanks.

(VelikM) #2

1: For the glow set the ‘Emit’ slider all the wayup ‘1’ (or try ‘Radiosity’)
2: Trasnparent, add a texture in the pattern you want to have the transparence, set ‘Alpha’, move the ‘Dvar’ slider all the way to the left and click the ‘STransp’ button
for a tutorial about textures follow the tutorials link, there is a second link to more tutorials on the tutorials page.

(timb0) #3

Thanks. BTW, I already knew how to make a mesh transparent.

(DAK) #4

On my computer, when I use transparencies the over all quality of the image goes down. It is a pain, but I find you must work around this to maintain a clean pure image with no noise.

(blengine) #5

im not sue if its what your looking for, but you could try the GLOW plugin… its realyl great, it makes brighter objects/spots have a glowing aura to them =D