Making a scene - 'Coffee Shot'


This is absolutely mundane and I love it. My goal is to put myself through the paces of creating a location without first knowing how I’ll use it. So scale, lighting and materials are evolving in that order.

You’re looking through the ceiling past eleven lights and four ceiling speakers to where mostly the customer area is acquiring detail. I’m getting a little worn out on modeling and getting anxious to put materials on things!

Honestly, I’m most looking forward to whatever I’m going to put in that display case. 3D food looks so tantalizing to make! I think I’ll dare to shoot that sun right into the shop to give myself a chance to play with “Photographer” the addon/plugin.

Part of this project is to explore tough lighting with bright brights and dark darks in the same, relatively uncontrolled environment just to see what happens. It’s already a closed box with environment lighting openings on just one side.

“Coffee Shot” name is a kind nod to 50’s Coffee Machine maker on featured row whose work greeted me here when I started this project by coincidence of timing.

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I anticipate a 2D on 3D look to this when the time comes which will bug so many people! But in the meantime, I’m parked at this point while I consider objects and color schemes.

If you can stand it, this is a CrossView - Wandering around like this is fun because it points the lone artist to what’s missing. HVAC, some ads in the window and then I’ll have to begin materials before my attention moves on!

Things like the register without buttons are just placeholders for size and scale. :slight_smile: