Making a video file out of the rendered images

Hello !
I am almost ashamed to ask this question after using blender for almost half a Year, but I am relay stuck now. xD
So I have never rendered a video with blender and would now like to try doing so:). I have rendered my animation and got around 200 images (in .png).
What do I have to do to get this in any video file?
Thanks a lot!

Open up a preferably new blender scene.
Go to the Video Sequence editor, add you images (all at once, they will display as a video strip)
Adjust your render size to match the images, plus: the frame range to the number of images.
Select whatever video format and encoding you like best.
Render out the video.

Hey thanks for your answer:)
Sadly I still don’t get it to work. Here is what I did:
I drag and drop my images in the vse (Image 0001 to image 0200),select the output folder for the video and set the file type to AVI codex,I leave the resolution at default as the the pictures where also rendered at default settings,at last I press the render animation button.
But my problem is that when I open the video file (with mpc) I only see black and then after one or two seconds one image shows up.
If any one knows a solution I would be wary happy:)

P.S. Blender version 2.57

two things you might want to try:
1.using a different video format
2.reducing your render size (if you are on a laptop/an old computer, 1080p might be too much for it to play back smoothly)

also: make sure you add the images as one strip (not seperately) and the strip is within your framerange to render

You could just open the original animation scene and instead of choosing the output of .png, use avi raw.

AVI raw is an intermediate format when you plan to carry out further post processing, not really suitable for a final rendered animation.

Oh no!!!
I am so Sorry for this late reply,I just didn’t expect a reply any more.
But I just tryed your tips and it still dose not work…I have no Idea why.
But in the mean while I installed a program called VirtualDube which can render AVI videos out of images.And after this I use Format Factory to Make a mp4 file :slight_smile:
I would love to learn how to make it in blender but I guss I will have to wait until I fined a tutorial on this.
Thanks a million any ways!

@Madscientist22 and Richard Marklew:Oh I must have taken too long to Wright my reply,when I started writing your two posts wher not there yet.

Yapy I maneged to render a video in blender!!!
So here is what my problem was:when I clicked add>add image I allays clicked on frame 0001 and then open (In all programs I used so far I only had to open the first frame/file and the program did the rest by it self;) )
So fore those people how might find my post over the search function…Here is what you have to do:
Open the vse(Video sequence editor) and click on Add>Image then find your image sequence and select all of them(e.g.0001 to 0200) by clicking on the first one and then while holding “Alt” click on the last one.Make sure that you enter the correct starting and ending frame number on the left,then hit the open bottom on the right upper corner.In the rendering setting select the correct starting and ending frame number (depending on how many frames/images you have),the correct resolution(depending on how high your resolution is in the images you have selected),choose the out put location and your out put format.Now you only have to press the render animation bottom,wait until it’s done rendering and enjoy the out come:)
Hope this will help some one one day:)

Another option if you are on Linux is Mencoder and ImageMagick. Let Blender output the png and jpg files and use Mencoder to assemble them into an avi file, using the command line or a shell script. Sample command line input:

mencoder "mf://*.png" -mf fps=30 -o output.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrat=16000

ImageMagick is very powerful image editing software and it also uses the command line for input, good for adjusting the image files if needed.

Hey Thanks!
I will look in to this tomorrow:)

P.S. I am not on linux but I think ImageMagick Works on windows as well if i saw this correct?