Making an alpha leaves texture with branches

Hey, I made a model with a tree, leaves and branches. However the leaves and branches texture alpha wont work when I render it and in the tree model when I try to use the texture to a plane the alpha don’t work and you cant see right through the textures “alpha” color. Anybody know what is wrong?

I have set up everything to render in the “leaves.blender” file to make the texture with alpha.

Models and textures:

The textures don’t have alpha transparency in them.
For leaf texture, the background is black. Either edit the black parts to have Alpha 0, make a greyscale alpha mask, or use nodes to get that mask. The material also needs to have transparency on and alpha and specular set to 0, so that the texture controls the transparent and opaque parts of the mesh.

Edit: here’s a node setup to add the alpha to the texture itself. Adding perfect alpha to an image that doesn’t have one is not so straightforward though because of antialiasing. The colors in the leaf edges change as they progress towards the background color.
In this it doesn’t matter much because single leaves probably aren’t seen close up.

Also, object scale is not uniform on either of the objects in the scene. This makes the UV unwrap result to something else than what is expected. Blender warns about that in the top header but it’s easy to miss.
Properties panel (N) to see the scale, and ctrl+a -> scale to apply scale.

I cant get separate RGB into “Color” instead of “Image” input. How do you change it?

Nevermind, I got it working.