Making An American-Type Steam Locomotive

Since I have a big interest in the railroads - and steam locomotives in particular - I’ve decided to do some locomotives, rolling stock, etc., in Blender. My first attempt is an American-type steam locomotive, which has a wheel arrangement of 4-4-0 under the white system. As the picture shows, I’ve got most of the locomotive complete. All I need is some connecting rods from the pistons and valves to the driving wheels, as wheel as a headlight on the front, plus a coupler to attach the locomotive to it’s tender. I also have to do some surfacing to make it completely realistic.

I’ve also begun working on the tender itself too, although I haven’t rendered a photo for that yet. Just need to add a little more detail, especially the trucks containing the wheels, as well as surfacing. If things continue to work out, I plan to start do other steam locomotives too. I figured this wheel arrangement was one of the simplest I could do, considering I’m a beginner. I plan to append both the locomotive and tender into one larger file, so modeling both separately makes it easier on me. This is turning out to be a fun project, and hopefully I can add this to any ‘steampunk’ scenes I’m wanting to do in the future. :wink:


Whoops, that should be the Whyte system that uses the wheel arrangement of steam locomotives for their classification. A misspelling on my part…