Making an interface question

I made a point an click interface. I used a plane that has a texture mapped onto it. On this texture there are several images, above each image I have a smaller plane which are parented to the textured plane. It works by putting cursor over image and clicking. Here is my problem. The objects are too big. If I scale the plane that is over image, it works but still too big,I can’t scale plane too small. Normally I would just scale an empty but I can’t use a mouse cursor for an empty. Hope I did not confuse with my question. I never made an interface before.


I’m not exactly sure what you mean.
Changing the pivot point can help with local scaling:

Check you’re in Perspective Mode. There is a bug in camera.getScreenRay() in orthographic mode - and this bug may (?) also be present in the mouse over sensor.
An image of your setup would be good to help diagnose the problem.

You can temporarily make the planes visible to see where they are in game.

How can I scale my objects without changing the physics? If I scale empties everything works fine but I am using a plane. Can I use an empty to point and click?


What are you scaling?
What is too big?

Just now I find your description too confusing to understand the cause of your problem.

I know my description is confusing so I included a pic. Normally I would use an empty in the scene. If my object was too not the size I wanted I would scale the empty, problem solved. Look at the image. When I try the interface the object is like 5o times larger than I want, if I scale the plane in the red circle (I made planes visible) it helps but I can’t scale that much. I appended the interface to test it to my project. Any thoughts? This is something I really don’t need but thought it would add a nice touch.


still no clue what you want.

the plane smaller or bigger?
scale stuff in edit mode, or ctrl+a and apply scale.

the image smaller/bigger?
go to uv editor and make the uv’s smaller or bigger

why not put the picture you like as a button on the button itself?
then it will cover the whole plane and you can scale it to the size you like.

First. in the physics panel set collision type to static and collision bounds to ‘triangle mesh’…I would not recommend this with a high poly count, but this is absolutely fine based on your image…

Second, scale each plane to the desired size and outside of edit mode press ‘ctrl+a’ > and select ‘scale’…do this for each plane…

Lastly, report back and let us know how it goes or if you have any other issues.

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If I understand correctly the planes should cover a much smaller area?

I mean when it is scaled down 50 times you get a really tiny plane.

I guess I am not explaining myself very well. I want the image the same size more or less and those planes big enough to cover the images below the planes. The problem, when i click on the plane the object is HUGE, I want it smaller object but I don’t want to scale the object because it messes the the physics of my object in the scene.
I found the problem, it happens when I parent the small plane to the larger image plane. When I clear the parent it works normally. Thanks for your replies


child objects inherit the transforms of the parent. if child is 1m at a 1 scale and parent is scale 2, the child will then be 2m.

So if this is your problem, apply scale to the objects with ctrl+a that wil set the scale ratio back to 1 for the selected object.

EDIT: @Cotaks: we posted at the same time…well you were first I guess

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Since I have it working wanted to ask one more question on this. I am setting it up so by pressing a key my interface will appear at top of screen. I wanted to know if when I click on the object image at top of screen can I make it so my object will enter scene where i want it to, like at the center of scene.


Sure you can.

Play an animation that moves it down.

I meant hooking it up to an empty but your idea will work as well.


You can parent the menu to an empty and animate that empty.

When you use an overlay scene, you can move/animate the camera of the overlay scene as well.