Making an origin point from a group of parented meshes

(IngieBee) #1

Is it possible to take a group of parented meshes and give them an origin point where you could attach it via dupliverts in a particular direction?

Am I clear? LOL Thanks, Ingie

(dreamsgate) #2

I seem to recall you can set the origin point but I don’t remember how.

pressing “O” in edit mode clears origin, but I don’t think that helps

(Schlops) #3

Hi girls!

Edit-Buttons (F9) -> “Center Cursor”
Not sure about the dupliverts thingie, though.

(haunt_house) #4

the particular direction will be difficult. Maybe you´ll have to vertex- parent (either vertex- or face-parented) by hand. then you are able to control every group’s direction individually through the direction of the normals.


(IngieBee) #5

Ok, will try, thanks everyone! Been busy, sorry a bit late!