Making Armor

Hello, I’m trying to make some Armor for a character to make an animation with but i few things are coming to my mind.

I was listening to a conversation between the creator of Red Vs. Blue (Burnie Burns) and the Creator of RWBY (Monty Otum) talk about how Monty got to where he was today.
And within that, Monty said something that kind of spoke to me saying that alot of at home 3D animators get stuck in this phase where they are never happy with what they have so they always try and get better and only upload test after test after test. I try not to upload too many test, but that basically has been my life in animation for months now. So i’ve decided to… start making things whether i like it or not. If i don’t think it’s good enough, too bad, do it anyway.
If i want to test something i want to try and make it a full-small project.

So i wanted to make a knight out of one of my characters and test some things with rendering like Motion Blur, Depth of field, camera movement, and maybe slight water and fire simulations by having him fight some sort of monster in a damp like cave.

I’m aiming big here i know, don’t worry i am fully expecting the fighting to look pretty pathetic. That’s not what i’m doing this for d:

Anyway anyway, I’ve discovered making Armor isn’t as easy as you may think. I personally feel like this armor isn’t good enough. But like i said, too bad, i’ll use it anyway if i don’t figure things out soon.

So i thought i would upload what i have and ask if anyone has suggestions on what i could improve, if not, this is what i’ll end up using d:

I still need to make the shoes and helmet and his weapon though. Then it’s off to making the monster, and then the cave.

Thank you ^-^

You know what? I’m starting to feel alot better about this actually d:

I wish however that i didn’t just fall back onto coloring the armor all with materials… I wish that i would texture things more but… What goes on armor that needs to be textured? s:
Maybe i’ll try and change the clothing he has on underneath to a chainmail looking sort of thing or… hmm…

But after i stuck on a helmet i started to love the armor alot more d:

Damn, looking really good. Will be following this thread.

Now i have him all rigged up, tweaked the hair rig i’ve made, and gave him a 2H sword d:
I tried to keep the sword simple for once and i think it came out grate d:

Might give him an alternative 1H sword and Shield to use aswell. Depends on if he needs it for the animation or not.

I’m not sure how happy i am with the shoulder pads but i think it’s come out fr better than i expected xD
I think the shoulders are fine just they wouldn’t quite be what i would choose myself d: They were a bit… Serendipitous.

If you want an update on this, i’ve been making the monster he’s gonna fight d:

oh cool, thats gonna be a nice anime.