Making bent conduit or pipes

HI all – working on an archviz project that has some exposed conduit in it – the straight pipe is easy, making the bent pipe not so much, how do I go about making pipe bent to a smooth radius 90 degree

This is a pic of what I am needing to model


There are lots of ways to do it.
You could create a torus, cut it up and use bridge edge loops to connect the corners together.

Alternatively, you could use splines. Set out the pipes as splines, and set the bevel amount in the settings to make them 3D and cylindrical. If you want rounded corners, just add more points in the curve. You can easily just use the bevel tool to curve multiple vertices at a corner.

There is this video that you might want to look at:

could make round corner with spin tool

or just use Bezier curve + bevel curve rounded

there are also some Addon for pipes included in blender

many ways to get it done

happy bl