Making bone to move into one axis

Its been long time since I open blender. So I forgot some of the things here. Recently I was making a collapseable missile thing.

I want the bones to move into y axis so I will not worry that the parts goes out.


From the image I can tell that the bones are facing upwards. This means that the local Y axis for your bones also faces up. Meanwhile, the global Y axis faces towards the back of the missile. It may help you to visualize this if you turn on the ‘axes’ button in the armature edit panel to show the local axes for the bones.

You have two options here… either:

  • Rotate the bones in edit mode so they are facing towards the back of the rocket, making their local Y axis also face that way (same as global Y) or…
  • Setup the driver or constraint so that it moves the bones in the appropriate axis (either X or Z)

Yeah the bone outside is face up. I use them to control the collapse from the outside. Well I want to restrict its movement to only one axis (like only local y).

First, I’d lock off whatever axis you want, depending on what’s pointing forward. Then, I’d parent the missile head bone to say, the main missile bone ( whatever controls the overall missile ). Then you’ll be able to make it go in and out without worrying about constraints, Global vs. Local mode, etc.

Hope that helps.

^Thats it, but then how could i lock the axis. (memory gap here)

oh I see… you want to move the bones individually. I thought you were setting up a control system to do it.

To lock the movement of the bones, select the bone you want to lock in pose mode, and press the little lock button next to the appropriate channel in the properties window (“n”).

Your bone orientation will still be important though, since this will lock the channels according the local coordinates of the bone.