making chains

Hi all

os there an easy way to make a chain? I need to make a chain that follows a path, but dont want to make more than one link ideally.

anyone got any ideas as to how to proceed?



I spent a quick minute searching for that nice video detailing how to build a chain by modeling 1/4 of a link and, using 2 stacked mirror modifiers, making a complete link. The array modifier was then stacked and associated to an empty that could be rotated to form links in a chain. This was then made to follow a path. It was very informative.

Found this page with a chain and a sample blend file but I don’t think it is as interesting as that video.

Hopefully, somebody with more time will find the video.

yes this can be done with aray and curve modfiier

but you can also do it with path follow dupli object if i remember well

check out the wiki for dupli object there is an example for making a chain too


Here is an example blend I whipped up, you will have to make endcaps, if you want to move the chain move the curve, the empty controls rotation, and everything is parented properly, to increase the loops just increase the array count.

This tut will show you how to make endcaps. Good luck!


chain.blend (171 KB)

thanks guys, thats a fantastic response :wink: heros one and all… cheers