- Making Chrome -

I will like to know how can I create chrome the fastest way in blender.

A quick search (well, okay, thanks to my own experience - I knew that this tutorial was out there) later:

That should get you started.

There’s also Sonix’ Car material library:

THANK U - :cool:

Hey, there is something wrong with the file - I think the link is broken, any other way I can download this file.

Yeah, I just tried it and it doesn’t work either. I’ve put a copy I have on my site for you… it’s here:

As soon as the real link get’s fixed, I’ll take it off.

I don’t know if I’m missing any presidure but every time I append a material to the odject the I will like to change it loads another odject and the one I will like to change the material does not change.
why is that?

Try appending the material only, then when you use the material window, you can choose the new appended material for your object. Of course, the object must be selected before you can do this. I more often than not do it this way.


Well! I got it - next to the material there is an arrow up and down you click on that and TARAAA!! there are all your append material, check the image. thanks:p:D