I am a promotions producer in Medford Oregon, and I am making a commercial for our Halloween event at the nearby mall. Though, I am teaching myself Blender, I am not ready to turn out a quick 10 second animation.

However if you are…

I have a script and storyboard <insert later> and though I have NO budget to hire with on this project… I can send you a .mov of your animation in the final spot. And maybe we’ll be able to work together on something that I do have a budget for. If you can make a Jack O’ Lantern bounce around and make facial expressions, then I’ll put it in the spot and give you credit.

We are a CBS affiliate, and the spot would make a fine addition to one’s portfolio. I’m looking for someone to be able to do this over the weekend, with a deadline of Monday October 17th.

I appreciate your interest, and if you think I’m just trying to get something for nothing… you’re wrong… I’m just in a pinch, and am willing to give someone a chance to put their work on-air.

Thank you,

facial animation takes quite some time to animate.
it is unlikely that you will find someone doing the jon
with no budget.

even 10 secs will require quite some hours to work for.


I know it’s alot to ask, but really it’s just a pumpkin bouncing around an extruded logo. some fog would be cool, but I can do that in editing.

I know when I was starting out, I would have jumped on an opportunity like this. Some of this forum’s readers are amateur or novice animators, looking to prove themselves, and this is a real chance.

Is it just the animation you need done? Or modeling and texturing and animation?

Do you want a photoreal pumpkin or cartoonish pumpkin?

These are all things that someone who is interested probably needs to know…


More info please. I might tackle this tomorrow if I get a chance.

Relevant specs:

Are you looking for a .blend file or rendered animation?

If rendered, what res/aspect/frame rate?

What is the exact duration?


Scary/silly/happy/wacky/really macabre?

you can send me more info to:

[email protected]


I am also interested. Do you have a specific audio file that it is to be synced with? Any other ideas are encouragfed to be put in here, so that people know what they are getting into. I’d love to help, but there simply isn’t enough information… That is unless cekuhnen already accepted, and if that is true, please ignore this post :wink: .

Hold on Tight,

Attention to those just starting out: READ the following

Educate yourselves, or learn the hard way.

depending on your skills (and age), you can pay a visit to your crook ‘partner’. so much about learning the hard way …

i don’t promote violence, though:

Don’t be jerks. I’ve been in the (print) graphics biz for ages, and I know all about comping work v. not comping work. This guy’s clearly making a request for a tiny bit of work, in exchange for which, he says up front, he’s willing to give credit and copy of the finished spot.

If you’re a pro, I don’t know why you’d consider this. If you’re a hobbyist who does this stuff all the time (for free for your own pleasure!) it might be nice to know someone else saw your work. Period. He’s not strong-arming anybody, and is clearly targeting amateurs and hobbyists.

Free market, folks. He’s stating clearly what he’s willing to pay: credit. If you don’t like those terms, don’t do it.

In my town, the Pittsburgh Steelers office often asks for work to be done gratis. Why? Because they’re the Steelers! If you say no, they ask for a discount. If you say no again, they pay full price. It’s kind of arrogant, but it’s certainly not criminal.



I apologize for not being able to post these specs until now, I understand it’s an impossible request with so little detail provided. I understand all the aspects of the request and have prepared as detailed a design sheet as necessary without cutting off room for creativity.


I would like to address those who feel I might be trying to take advantage of somone… I am on the level and up front with my needs. I HAVE been the designer who’s client’s wallet dried up just as it was time to get paid. I know! I was deliberetly clear in my posting that this is purely a pro-bono deal. If you make the model, light it, texture it, animate it, save as .mov w/alpha. I will live up to my bargain of airing the commercial featuring the animation for the week prior to Halloween.

Now unless you’re a TV ad exec or a producer, it’s hard to get your 3D modeling any airtime… at least not without a paying client. I am in that position, and am willing to offer this opprotunity instead of using a simple photoshop .tga hit with a ripple in After Effects. Like I said; if I wasn’t bogged down with projects, I’d jump at this myself. I also need to re-aquaint myself to Blender (only a ONE button mouse on the G5’s we edit on.)

My home PC workstation can handle Blender fine. So viewing annotating, or editing the project is do-able.

If you are still interested, please view the storyboard, specs, and reply I’ll call the first three who send a rough screenie.

I get a 404 error for both pdfs,


>LetterRip Fixed that problem with the PDFs

>ROLAND… Regarding render style, I’d like to see a screen of both Toon and Photo Real. Though my PDFs show a sinister and evil Pumpkin… I’ve been told it needs to be happy and smiley. Suits upstairs get nervous easy. Toon sounds fun, but might loose detail of glowing lights.

The second PDF shows the need for a wipe…And I just thought Having Jack rotate quickly in a 3ft diam circle ending in a 3/4 shot as if the Pumpkin rotated arounf a child as to get a good look of their costume. Face would be excited. I’d simply flip .mov on it’s axis, and insert a mask so Jack “goes behind” the costumed kid. it would be easy to dupe out with multiple cut shots of costumes.


Attention to those just starting out: READ the following

Educate yourselves, or learn the hard way.

I was aware of that, BUT, I figured that if he didnt reply, then maybe he wasn’t serious, as happens sometimes on Graphics/animation forums.

I was just interested in seeing the response that was given to this. I was planning on making a halloween animation anyways, so this wouldn’t be any skin off of my back.

Anyways, I have no time to spare for this, so I cannot try one, though it looks intriguing. Good luck, whoever!

Beware the n00bs.

Hold on Tight,

(BTW: He hasn’t requested the blend file, which is the root of the matter. If the original creator still has the blend file, and the imposter doesn’t, its fairly easy to track who’s it is. As well as the archive that is Elysiun, where the trasaction is taking place. Also, let me admit that I am all for password protected and watermarked blend files, so that people that are not you, eg. a client, cannot pass the work off as theirs. Just a thought…)

I have no interest in passing the work off as my own. I am an accomplished artist & designer, and in time I’ll build my own body of work in 3D… till then, I’m busy producing 5 projects a month just to keep up with my quota. This is the FIRST time we’d use custom 3D, and it’s like pulling teeth to get approval… I have looked at a number of Rapid 3D broadcast tools, and am only able to get a freebie installed on our Macs. They’re lookig to me to either sink or swim on this. If it’s a success, then I can justify a contracting budget or invest in in-house tools.

I don’t need the Blend file, the prob is we cant afford Mac render time on our edit machines… they’re in use all day/night. Besides, as I siad, I’m a noob user, and can’t afford to get bogged down in sub-surfacing and other minutia. I would prefer to work with someone who is as serious and ambitious as I am, and who wants to get some work on-air.


I don’t know what you are implying, but I hope the “CROOK” item was in Jest. … Yeah, I’ve read your post ten times, and still cant figure out what you are saying.

it’s to previoust post on previous page where joongle posted. read the link he posted, there are clues [ cases 5, 7 and 10 ]

:stuck_out_tongue: don’t read my post 10 times, read the one he posted once.

ok. here’s link for convenience:

Dude - why would you reference those? He’s not offering monetary compensation. It sounded like a threat to me. Smiley faces don’t mitigate that.

Trane - did you get my email about timing issues with the storyboard?

yowza yowza guys - where’s your common sense? i said it referenced the document which joongle linked: clearly, specificaly, to the point, without any contextual missinterpretation overlaps.

no wonder zappa wrote all those songs …

edit: well … i’m a niice guy: I appologize if there was missunderstanding.