Making diagonal cuts in a UV sphere, but resulting in unsightly seams...

So I’m going to be cutting a sphere into several different pieces, with different angles in the cuts, etc so the cuts can’t go along the existing edge loops. I want to be able to put the sphere back together and have it look as if it weren’t cut at all.

I’m having to use the knife tool, but since the cuts result in odd shaped polygons, it’s creating ugly seams along each cut.

Is there any way around this?


Well for one…HOLY CARP, thats alot of polys for a simple sphere. Now theres probably a reason for it, but I just had to say that.

Anyway…moving on.

The short answer…no.
Unless you’re willing to go in and physically reshape all of them into quads, it’s just gonna do that. One of the dissadvantages to the knife tool. Buuuut, if your sphere had fewer polys, that would be much easier to do.

And I’m confused on what you actually trying to do? Are you going to be animating the sphere coming apart and then reforming?? Or do you just want the sphere to have different colored parts? (Cause there are MUCH MUCH simpiler ways of doing that), I’m just not sure what you’re actually trying to accomplish by this…

Haha yeah, you’re probably right about how high poly it is. I didn’t put too much thought into that yet, I threw those pictures together just for the demonstration because I already knew about the seam problem from previous experience with it. I could probably get away with half the polys, but I didn’t use subsurf on a lower poly sphere because that makes the seam appear even worse.

And yeah, the goal is to have a sphere that can be separated into pieces and then be put back together again to where it looks like a perfect sphere with no seams. I’m going to use it in an animation, and I know I could cheat it by having a regular sphere mesh and replace it with the separated pieces when it breaks apart, but that wouldn’t really solve the problem, just make it less noticable since the bad edges will only show up on the separated pieces… but I’d like to see if there’s a way to keep it all in one mesh.