Making DupliVerts Track To Camera

I was trying to do some Special Effects in Blender for a little film, Bullet Impacts on the Wall. After having tried using lots of lots of Particle Emmiters with lots of large halos with tiny alpha values (Horrible Render Times…) I decided to set aside my own approches to the problem try to mimic the Bullet Impact effect used in FEAR :p. For that, I needed to apply dustcloudimagetextures to the particles, stretch and rotate them (the images) during the animation. Since didnt find any way to do this with a Halo, I used Planes: I mapped the Image to the Plane and used DupliVerts to have multiple Planes used as Particles. Now I want them to be rotated correctly! I want them to face towards the Camera! I could do that by just rotating it accordingly, but then I can’t make them use the Particle direction as Rotation!

If it is possible how can I use track to on the dupliverts?
Also, suggestions for the dustcloudeffect would be very much appreciated as well :wink:

You can’t do it correct, if you track to the camera, all the dubliverts rotate at the same direction.