Making Female Face

Hi i am trying to make face as more photorealistic as possible. Before i do this head model i made two or tree other head models.They wasnt that good so i started over again a few times as people of the forum suggested me.
I red a lot of stuff before start this project.

Here is a “To do list”
Add tear duct
Add more flesh to the upper eyelid
Work on the shader of the eye
Make the nose more like tree spheres
Make the bridge of the nose wider
Paint the skin textures

I really like this upper lip
I don’t have the time to work every day but I’ll do my best.
Thx for the spended time reading this. :smiley:


You might want to put some lights into the scene, I can’t see anything at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is :smiley:

Hi, @dstoqnov0, may I ask if we see a render here? Or is it a screengrab from the viewport? The reason why I’m asking is that either your lens of the camera for the render is set to an unfavorable length or it is a distorted perspective view from the viewport. Portait photographers in standard situations usually use 50 to 80 mm lenses (or even more) for such a portrait shot. They do this to minimize the distortion of proportions. And at the moment your head model is really stretched and squashed and therefore it is hard to say anything about the anatomy.

The focal lenght was at 22mm now it is 70mm .I thing I should use spot lamp to lighten the scene better or i dont know i will experiment with that.I reshaped the nose a little bit. Now I am will make the skin shader.

Nice modelling so far dstoqnov0, your render is a bit dark so it’s difficult to study this properly but I think your nostrils could do with a bit of tweaking - the bit between the nostrils needs to be a bit thicker and the outer walls of the nostrils could do with being a bit thinner in my opinion - good luck!

Unfortunately the attachment isn’t working so we can’t see the new image.

Try to use a three point lighting (Wikipedia). That should light your model enough.

I fixed the not working picture . I will render it with 3 point light on my next render.

Here you can see that the tree point lamp is working well

reshaped the nostrils
Skin material (but something happend with my pc and didn’t saved,it was simple anyway)
i will try with sss if someone have link to good toutorial i will be very thankfull.
i see that the texture is streched around the nose .

Here is the head material

Here is the node setup
Next i will fix the streching of the texture ay the middle of the head .

looks good. imo, the bridge of the nose is protruding too much as it gets toward the brow.

Nose reworked if you mean something like this. :smiley:

Here is render i dont thing that the skin shader is good

Here is the node setup,:smiley: what i invented

Coming along very nicely. But you need to stop the material work and get yourself a basic lighting scheme working. Add a plane a little larger than the head, about 45 degrees and off to one side of the camera, at an angle to the face. Give it an emission material, strength 3-10, that’s your key light. Post a render with a key light , and then you can work on a fill and rim/kick. Then you can go to town with skin shader nodes.

After making the light setup as you said it is way different i will do something with the skin shader :smiley:

Materials are hugely dependent on lighting. Post what it looks like. For one thing 30% translucent is probably too much.

Hi fellas,I wasn’t working on this project whole summer,but now I am back.
So i did the hair and the material for it the haircut will be different and the color will be darker.

I thing that it is so wrong to work on all parts as I do, I work on the eyes a little bit then on the hair then on the eyebrows then back to the eyes.My huge problems for now are the skin shader and textures (specular\backscatter\epidermal etc.) Eye brows and eyes shader.