Making glass texture

How do I make glass texture? I know it’s something to do with illumination and transparency…

Well, yes…
Make it transparent. At which point do you get stuck? If you want refraction, you should try tuhopuu blender or even yafray where you will also get caustics.

precise questions please :smiley:

Ummmmmm. well, I don’t really know how to make it at all. Is there a tutorial I could follow? Hope that isn’t a hard ask! :smiley:


the first step towards fake glass:
[>] Set the Alpha level to 0
[>] Turn on ZTransp
[>] Add a sphere blend texture
[>] Set it to Nor mapping (in middle column)
[>] Turn off Col and turn on Alpha in right-hand buttons

Great! Any other tips or tutorials out there for this?

i dont know how many times this question has been asked… <–theres the best one that I know of. It talks about how to fake refraction.

Also, you could use envmaps to fake slight relections. Ill try to make a blend and post it soon.