Making glossy icons

is there a way to fake the glossy aqua effect known from Linux or Mac icons.
I know that most of them where created in 2d apps like gimp, but is there also a way to fake this effect in blender?
for example:
I found a lot about the so called DGS-shader (Diffuse-Glossy-Specular) from commercial 3d-apps, don’t know if this is interessting here, i think it’s more to make more realistic renders that to fake this exaggerated effect.

Would be nice to fake glossy materials for icons, comic-style, or even realistic shiny materials etc.

If you go to this site:

I think it is the second movie, it shows how you can make this effect in a 2D app. This might help figure out a way to fake it in 3D.

The thing is, you don’t really need to fake it in 3D because you are able to do environment reflections and things so you can make true 3D icons.

Maybe you could do it with ramp shaders or something.