Making grass with constant X & Y axis rotation...

How can I make dupliframes track to the camera on the Z axis, but not on the X & Y axis?

I think if I can do that, I will be able to create some very nice ‘game grass’

How can I make a skydome move when I move the camera, and not rotate when I rotate the camera? I tried tracking the skydome to an empty above, and parenting it to the camera at the same time, but that did not work because when I move the camera, the empty does not move.

The reason I want to make the skydome move with the camera: I want it to remain the same distance from the camera, no matter where I place the camera in the scene. :-?

Sounds pretty complicated…
Any ideas?

Use a CopyLocation constraint. And for the Duplifranes (don’t you mean dupliverts?) us a TrackTo constraint on the emitter.


There, now I’m completly lost. :-?

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the help though!

Select your dome, stay in object mode, and go to F7. Open the constraints tab and choose “CopyLocation” (this means that you want to constrain the location of the dome object to the location of some other object). In the Const you can give it a name and in the “Target” box type Camera (if your camera’s OB: name has been changed in F9 then type in that name but I’ll bet it’s still called “Camera” and you have to get the spelling and cases right) and hit Enter.
As soon as you hit “Enter” it will jump to the location of the camera. You can now choose which of the coordinated you want it to obey and how much influence the constraint will have over the original Origin of the dome.

The CopyRotation works the same except it doesn’t give you choices on the coordinates.