Making groups real

Can I make a group real, i.e. instantiate it?

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Maybe you could join the meshes? CTRL+J

Or if its a group within a object, separate it?

I should elaborate this:

Select an object, press Ctrl-G->Add to new Group.

Press Space->Add->Group.

Now you have a copy of the original object, which you can scale, rotate, move, animate … But you can’t edit the vertices or the material, so it may be that you would like to make the copy real.

what is the difference between joint and group :confused:


Lots of differences. For example you can animate the different copies of a group differently - e.g. with different actions.

So you create a figure with a walk cycle and several different actions, and group the armature and the figure.
Now you can animate all copies of the group differently, by choosing different actions in the NLA Editor.

spacebar, transform, clear/apply, make duplicates real (or shift ctrl A)

Select the group object you added via the spacebar (The one with the empty inside it), Ctrl+Sift+A make duplicates real, then U key to make single user, choose what you want to unlink.

Of cause! Thanks a lot! :o

BTW: I didn’t find it on It seems there is missing quite a lot of information… (Dupliframes vanished somehow??) Am I blind or is it gone?