Making holograms from Blender models

Is there any process thats not horrrificly expensive to make actual holograms of 3D modeled objects or animations.

I just thought I’d ask this as I have no idea if it’s possible.

If you mean a real 3-dimensional hologram like those in Star Wars, I’m quite sure that technology doesn’t exist. If you mean making your models look like Star Wars holograms in an animation, sure there is. You’ll just have to learn the compositor or make some snazzy material settings.

No. I want to make either glass plate (or plastic) actual holograms or the sort you get on credit cards (foil I guess). I want something I can hold in my hand.

The process seems to be photographic only but I guess it’s possible … maybe?

EDIT: Did my research after replying . . . this procedure should be reversed.

Check this site out. Of course, the technique uses physical objects, so you’d have to have your models produced by a 3D printer.

Thanks for that…
I have looked also and it looks like it can be done… and other references to ‘digital hologram printing’ . doesn’t seem to be very commercially available.
will investigate further
Ed:: this looks more like it - don’t know how much it costs

its free. its just a program.
unfortuntately, i never got it to work properly…

You should learn about the different types of holograms. The type you describe is a “rainbow” hologram and is quite a bit more complex to produce than a “transmission” hologram. Wouldn’t hurt to learn how they work also, since that would inform your research in a beneficial way.

If you need 3D models printed, cekuhnen has access to 3D printers at the university he works for and has graciously offered to do this for materials and mailing costs. See this thread:

and a link to his lab:

I priced holograms back in 2001 and there was a minimum order of U.S. $15,000.00 plus costs associated with scanning models. I quickly forgot about that idea.

That looks really interesting thanks … I have no immediate need now but may do in the next 6 months so could be a real help.