Making models for download

I am making models to upload and make is available for download.
I uploaded them on

Latest model I uploaded is a turret.
This is just the 3D model.


Finished UV. Working on texture …


Great, distinctive silhouette!

How are you anticipating people use this download? It looks a bit high poly for game use. But maybe I’m wrong, might be nice to see a wireframe.

Thanks for that and copyright issue it is cc0 ?
download my 7 blends cc0 from here

Here is the wireframe. Its about 2,400 Tris.
Maybe you are right, it could be a bit high poly. But then again, I can’t model to fit everyone’s preference. A model like this would probably fit in borderlands theme game etc. Anyways I just like making art in general. I don’t know how people would want to use it.

Yes, it is.
cool, keep on modeling :slight_smile:

i will sure use it if it cc0 and you upload to blenswap with cc0 licence.

PBR texture.

2400 sounds very good, right on target. And your model looks very good especially considering that budget. You’ve used your budget well.

Playing around with my older Hovercraft model and turret model in Godot Engine 3.
The PBR material was originally made for Unreal engine, so the normals don’t look good in Godot.

Also made another texture for non PBR use.

I uploaded my turret model + texture, on Open Game art for download under CCO license.

I am calling this done for now.

Modeled street lamps.
Between 400 - 800 Tris. Only one lamp has full UVs and packed.

available for download.

Love the turret and the texture on post #8. Thanks for making it CCO.