Making models with dynamic cloths?

I searched for the answer to this problem. But first the problem. I have characters that I created, but don’t yet know how to put cloths on them. I have two methods that I can find.

One, sculpt the cloths on the characters and give them each a unique topology.
Second, model the mesh over top of the models, and rig the cloths, then animate at the same time.

Does animating the cloths at the same time as the model work? Is this how it’s supposed to be done. The models are for games.

How am I supposed to give my characters cloths? Things like glasses, swords and hair is easy for me, all I need to do is mount it onto the bone. But what about something animated, such as a scale armor.

Ok, here we are really needing more info!!! By clothing are we talking pants and shirts? If so I normally just treat them as the body for game stuff and do the thing (and delete the mesh under them for the most part)

If we are talking a dress well, here you enter a little bit of weight painting hell but this is where working with envelope weights comes really in handy. Now UE4 has a pipe line for cloths in games and unity and each engine has their own twist on it, so likely you will need to look at where it is going and reverse engineer it from samples.

Shirts, robes, skirts. Plate Armor. I just don’t know how it’s supposed to be done. But you said it’s different for the specific game engines. What about godot?

Use Rich Colburn’s Modeling Cloth