Making money from home.

Hey everyone! I was just looking through the paid work section of the forum. This made me feel like posting a question.
Do any of you make money from home? Like, on your computer some way. I’m a full time student and working a “conventional” job is difficult with my class hours. I have to do something though because I have bills :(. I’m very computer savvy and would love to make some money doing something from home online. And I don’t mean blender related (unless that was an option).

Any ideas? Just a shot in the dark here.


The only way I can think of is selling metal to metal scrap yard dealers. I have seen people digging in trash cans for alumium and have done so myself when I was a young 'un. There is plenty of work out there…just see the Sunday market for what these people is selling to pay their bills. I knows of many immigrant families finding ways to make them bills pay…like mowing lawns and stuff. It’s all under your nose…you just has to sweat a little bit…but there is nothing like a bit of hard earned pingas to pays yea bills…mon. Have ye a nice days…

PS…I has a list of about a hundy things you can do from a book we gots…PM us and I will git ye them listie…


Thanks for the ideas. Yeah I sold some cans awhile back. Takes a lot to get much from them. I knew a guy who would fund entire trips just on his scrap metal. Unfortunately I don’t come across much metal. :no: I’ll keep a look out though.