Making money on a online community like myspace.

hey guys,
i recently discovered an online community alot simlilar to myspace, the only difference that it’s proven that this site pays you. Atleast people say so, is it legit?
The site is called
And you make money by doing everything you would normally do on myspace, adding friends, comments, page views and all that stuff.
I just want your views on what you think about it, and if you guys wanna join, just send me your email in a pm n ill send u an invite. That way we both benifit from it since i get a referall and you get a friend.
Anyways i am not spamming this forum just to get people to join, so before you blurt out negative comments, read what i wrote slowly and carefully.
thanks. Bye

One of my friends made a music cd & sold six copies through this community. I’ll also PM you too.

I’ll pay you 100 USD to completely destroy the Myspace servers and all their backups.

I’d take you up on the offer except with the USD Dollars decline in the international monetary stage makes the offer infeasible to my corporation’s project assesment board.

That’s too bad. Anyone else willing to do my bidding?

Nah - I gots us a monopoly on that sorts of fing 'ere.
It’s for tender for 10 euros if anyone wants to take over my role. Includes one free A4 Paper.