Making of Chassis (Porsche Cayenne)

I brushed up the tires and add exhausts :slight_smile:

Now Iโ€™m finished setting of its suspensions.:slight_smile: Next, I have to create the engine and exhaust.(maybe I will brush up the transmission)

This chassis have special functions! I wll show them when I finished this work. :wink:


this is awesome

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Thank you :smile:

Very awesome. Did you memorize the parts or do you just use pictures and take everything one step at a time?

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I work in the latter way. In other words,the purpose is memorizing parts of cars by making the whole chassis

Great work. Iโ€™m looking forward to seeing this develop.

Wow, impressive work so far! :slight_smile:
What is the latter way? Couldnโ€™t find any translation.

Wow. Great work!
You should do renders in this sepia tone as well. Look fantastic!

โ€œThe latterโ€ signifies the last option previously mentioned :grinning:

Seriously, blender should hire you