MAKING OF VIDEO - Yokai - BlenderGuru Character Competition

Started uploading on youtube recently, and for my 5th video i decided to make a making of for Yokai. Let me know if you have any questions :)!

HD version of render:
Facebook art page:


Cool work! Cool video!)

Thanks Alex!

This is some fantastic work!

I love how the character of the boy actually seems to look more scary than the spirit does!
You really did well in pulling of the possesed look in the boy’s eyes! They look so vacant and distant, as if his very soul has been hi-jacked!

5 stars from me man!

p.s - enjoyed the making of video a lot too :slight_smile: thanks for sharing

That’s fantastic! 5 stars XD

Thank you Jamie,and i’m glad you enjoyed the video, it took some time to make ;P!