Making portal fps in summer

Hello mates , my university studies prevent me from flirting with the game engine at the moment , so , in summer holiday [ may 20th or something] i will be making portals fps game

having some questions

1- what are the disadvantages of 2.5 game engine ?
2- what are the advantages of it ? :slight_smile:

if there is a template for portals and fps , does it work with 2.5 ? :smiley:

thanks a million …


  • Python 3.x means lack of library support (ie, no PIL, NumPy, PyOpenGL, etc)
  • Still labeled as “Alpha” software, so it could be buggy
  • Old documentation/examples might not work for 2.5


  • Dynamic loading
  • Ability to use OpenGL to draw directly to the screen
  • Realtime IK
  • API improvements (you don’t need as many logic bricks)

I’m currently using 2.5 for a game project and it’s working out pretty well. If you want, you can still do modeling and such in 2.49 and then import those into 2.5. However, I’d avoid doing animation this way.

There are more than likely more disadvantages/advantages to using 2.5 that I haven’t listed, but hopefully that will give you something to think about. :wink:



this is something I lost unsuccessful hours to achieve.

can I ask you a little hint on how to this ?

I noticed that animating meshes in 2.5 is a lot easier than the previous versions. This is a plus because you can animate water graphics straight into the game in about 4 minutes with all the necessary textures.